Cindy Hussey- Velvet Eyewear Founder

Velvet Eyewear® is luxury that is sexy, pure, and sophisticated, yet relaxed and comfortable. Our style is influenced by iconic American fashion and culture inspiring designs that are truly timeless.

The Velvet Eyewear® Sunglasses and Optical frames are manufactured in Italy and other fine factories offering outstanding quality, craftsmanship, and materials.

The Velvet® collection embodies the style and creativity of our Founder and Creative Director Cindy Hussey. Her eye for detail and practical sense as an optician enable her to design luxurious eyewear that offers the wearer chic style and superior comfort. Her inspiration comes from an ancestry of famous European painters, engravers, musicians, and designers including Wilhelm August Rieder,  Ambros Rieder, and The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. 

Voted 2014 Most Influential Women in Optical

"I've been super lucky in my career and been fortunate to see some of my ideas and innovations came to life. There is no better feeling then to see your ideas on TV, in print, or better yet, on someone while walking down the street. That's the best!"

Currently, I am on a crusade with our Velvet® {BB} Lens to help educate women that while 100% UV Protection is super important for your eye health, UV Protections is equally important in your defense against crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. No matter what season it is, if you want to help reduce the aging signs in and around your eyes, use your favorite UV cream and get your Velvet® Sunglasses on!

"Fine lines and crow's feet are just not sexy"