Velvet® Lenses - Block in Beauty

“Fine lines and crow’s feet are just not sexy!”

The Velvet® {BB} Lens™ is an exclusive sunglasses lens that is formulated with specific qualities that block out 100% of harmful UV rays, and reduce heat and eye strain. Velvet’s {BB} Lens™ Sunglass Protection helps prevent crow’s feet, fine lines, and the effects of aging in and around the eyes caused by the environment, especially harmful UVs. When worn regularly, the Velvet {BB} Lens™ can slow down the signs of aging and can Block in Beauty.

What makes Velvet® {BB} Lenses one of the best? We partner with one of the highest quality sunglasses manufacturers, Zeiss. Our lenses meet, or exceed, some of the highest CR39 plastic sunglasses lens standards in the world.

Velvet® Sunglasses are not just designed to make you look beautiful, they are designed to help you stay beautiful! Wear Velvet® every day in your fight against crow's feet, fine lines, and aging.

Velvet® {BB} Lenses Block in Beauty while blocking out UV